Finding Live Music Venues – The Story behind The Live Music Events Calendar

A while back we realized finding something to do in the Rogue Valley on a night out with friends was a rather frustrating group effort. We all agreed we wanted live music. After looking in the paper and several places on-line many times we would start our night out at our one of our favorite wineries. As things were wrapping up there, we’d all take out our phones and start looking on Facebook and such, looking for a band we enjoy and a live music venue we could all agree upon. In today’s modern times, this seemed more than a little cumbersome. With a background in websites, programming and photography I set out to find a solution. Rogue Valley Live, music events calendar is the culmination of many months of research, planning and building. Enjoy!

On an important side note, As a professional photographer with a passion for capturing the feel of the moment I was already photographing many of the musicians in the Rogue Valley. The live music events calendar seemed like a natural addition, since I already enjoyed hanging out with the amazing bunch of music talent we have in this valley . So there you have it…